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Ad Type Price (USD) 7 days Price (USD) 15 days Price (RSD) 30 days Description
Standard Ad 500,00 2.000,00 3.500,00 Classified Ad suitable for job seekers
Featured Ad 1.500,00 2.000,00 4.500,00 Highlighted ad is marked with a green color, thus it is prominently distinguished from standard ads.
Top Ad 2.500,00 4.000,00 5.500,00 Featured Ad
Premium Ad 4.500,00 6.000,00 8.500,00 Prime Ad
Featured Employer 8.500,00 16.000,00 27.500,00 Featured Employer Ad

Consultations regarding ad text
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You can make the payment for advertising on the website at a bank or post office via a transfer order (for legal entities) or payment order (for individuals).